Christian Education

Learning for All Ages

Pre-School to Grade 3

4th and 5th Graders

Middle and High School

Have Kids?

Get ready for the Sunday Morning GOD SQUAD!

Preschoolers through 3rd graders will get their Bible-Learnin’, fun, and fellowship each Sunday during The Avenue service which starts at 8:45. We will bring songs, stories, lessons, and games as part of their worship and Sunday School experience. This will be an energetic, fun, and deeply meaningful time each week.

The kids will start the service with their families to enjoy the opening music and Children’s Moment, then will head upstairs for their own tailor-made message and activities. They’ll return to the Sanctuary before the closing song to join in the extended joy and fellowship with their families.

Have Kids?

Disciples and Donuts

The 4th and 5th graders will enjoy pastries in Fellowship Hall for Disciples & Donuts as part of Sunday School. They will meet between services for a small group learning experience…and a yummy snack experience.

Kids at this age are ready to go beyond Bible Stories and start discovering their meaning. Through entertaining videos and activities, they will be moving forward in their Christian learning in an accessible and fun way.

Have Teens?

Youth 2.0

The Middle School and Senior High Sunday School will delve into their own worlds and consider life from a Biblical perspective. Each week, the youth will pull from their discussions some of the main ideas and their opinions of them and add them to the ‘story board’ in the room. When video production time comes along on a Sunday afternoon, they will take those elements and produce videos to be shared with the congregation and to the world through our new YouTube channel. On filming afternoons, they will use the newly set-up production studio upstairs and use their creativity to make it happen…in a fun environment including pizza, of course. Each week is a different topic, so visitors will be able to jump right in.

Have Questions?


The Seekers meet each week  to center themselves and explore the Bible. They discuss the importance of many topics including the importance of forgiveness, joys and concerns, and many series which add new perspectives.

“You can’t always have everything at the front of your mind,” one member said, “but this helps you remember.”

“We’re still in process, and that’s why we’re here,” another participant added.

The class recently concluded a parallel study of the Gospels, and is currently diving into a series called “Taste and See” which explores the literal and figurative presence of food in the Bible. It talks about Jesus with food and wine, feeding the masses, and discovering God among butchers, bakers, and fresh food makers.

The group is also part of the Reconciling Ministries Network, which by definition equips and mobilizes United Methodists to resist evil, injustice and oppression as we seek justice for peole of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of this warm and meaningful class. They meet down the hall from the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30. See Trevalynne Williams for more information.

Want to Talk?

The Gathering

The Gathering Class, at its core, is about authentic conversation, open dialogue, and sharing individual opinions.

Each week the class studies issues which face us as Christians, as citizens, and as individuals. Topics can be Biblical, deal with social justice issues, and even current political events. Often materials from the East Ohio Conference media center are used to guide our discussions.

As described by Len Slack, the class is about serving as a sounding board, listening to others, and having a safe place to ask questions. The format is designed to enhance one’s faith journey. There is an openness in the group where people can share and receive each other through discussion. “We know that most important issues are not black and white,” he said. “Sometimes the questions are more important than the answers. That’s how we grow.”

Every person and every point of view is richly welcomed.

The class meets Sunday mornings after The Avenue. You can find this open forum in the Preschool hallway next to the Playroom/Nursery.

*Not only is there meaningful discussion, the class supports the Union Avenue United Methodist Preschool through prayer and serving meals for family events.

Can’t Wait Till Sunday?

The Hour

Each Thursday morning at 10 am, an opportunity called The Hour awaits you in Fellowship Hall.

People from Union Avenue and the greater community gather to truly engage in discussion on social justice, society and the church, and everything in between.

“We cover a whole spectrum of topics,” says organizer Len Slack, “and this is a very ecumenical group.”

Amongst the ten to twenty regular attenders are Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Catholics, and Methodists, just to name a few. The variety of perspectives adds depth and insights to each topic. Themes for the weekly discussions comes from articles or current events brought to the group by its members or organizers. Articles are sent ahead of time by email so people can have a chance to think about issues before they meet.

“Each week is a separate and distinct topic, so there’s no problem missing a session,” Len added. “This has expanded our knowledge of social issues and gives ideas of ways to make a difference.”

…and just like that quote says, it’s so much more than just discussion.

The group has been in contact with a young missionary in Tanzania who keeps them informed of social issues across the world. The Hour, in support of the mission, sent a care package complete with soccer balls and jerseys for the children of that area. They continue to keep in contact and share in the mission.

The Hour also looks for local missions to support. A recent chance to help occurred in Salem in 2018 after the immigration raid at Fresh Mark. Attenders of The Hour offered monetary support to the community and families disrupted by the many arrests.

Anyone who would like to be involved or get more information can contact Len Slack at

Anyone and all perspectives are warmly invited.